Word of Thanks

This evening I don't want to talk about the effort it took me to bring theNATO Chess Championship to Belgium for the third time in history,but I have to admit that there have been moments when I felt like an isolated pawn within the Belgian Defense. Luckily for me, my king stepped into the square…
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CM Alexandros Papasimakopoulous wins NATO Blitz Tournament

Final Ranking Lukas Stauskas (LTU)Second Place CM Alexandros Papasimakopoulous (GRE)First Place Marcin Pietruszewski (POL)Third Place Category Prices Lukas Stauskas (LTU)-2255 FIDEMarcin Pietruszewski (POL)-2150 FIDEWilliam Boudry (BEL)-2080 FIDETobias Jauk (GER)-2020 FIDEDaniel Michalski (POL)-1950 FIDEGlenn Dayer (BEL)-1830 FIDEWonder Dutré (BEL)-1700 FIDEWonder Dutré (BEL)Youth
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Poland wins NATO Chess Championship 2021

Team Ranking Podium GREECESecond Place POLANDFirst Place GERMANYThird Place Individual Ranking FM Robert Stein (GER)Second Place Lukas Stauskas (LTU)First Place FM Finn Pedersen (DEN)Third Place Round Prices 1. Wilhelm Jauk (GER)2. Konstantinos Mouroutis (GRE)3. Marins Ivbulis (LAT)4. Maris Noviks (LAT)5. Karl Koopmeiners (GER)6. Cveto Ivsek (SLO)7. Andrew Duren (USA)
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